A Time for Prayer for America


We are at a crossroad in America. It’s time we acknowledged it. Our battle is more than political…it is also spiritual. Until we recognize that, and stop depending solely on temporal wisdom, nothing will change. It’s time we prayed, as our Founders did, for direction and strength.

“Gracious and Merciful Father, No nation on earth has enjoyed the prosperity that the United States of America has. Our blessings point to the work of Your providential hand. Our great spiritual blessings unfolded by Your remarkable design. So also our Constitution and the freedom it provides with guidance given to our Founding Fathers. Lord, you have showered on us over 200 years of blessings. As we have tried to do right, in spite of our sins, You have blessed us.

As we acknowledged and honored You , You elevated us from infancy to a place of world leadership. You have allowed America to enjoy unprecedented wealth and influence among nations. You have allowed America to lead the world in medical and technological development. Our military might has guaranteed our children safety, with the threat of foreign invasion a strange concept. It has protected the weak and vulnerable around the world.

With grateful and humble hearts, Lord, we once honored you as the Author and Guarantor of our freedoms. But we turned on You, Lord, and started thanking ourselves for the blessings You have given us. We were silent as Americans thanked themselves, their government…everyone except You.

We said nothing while You were pushed out of society and confined to our churches. We stood idly by while they took the Bibles out of our schools and told our children they could not pray. We elected men who told us, “We don’t need God anymore” or. worse, that You didn’t exist at all. We abandoned our responsibility to influence our government with the principles of Your revelation, run for its offices, and become involved in its processes.

We once looked to Your pulpits, and the Godly wisdom we heard from them, for guidance. But today we no longer speak out because our government has intimidated us into silence. We have allowed our voice to be stricken from the elective process and we have voted for enemies of God. Forgive us, Lord, for our neglect. Forgive us, Lord, for forgetting you. Forgive us, Lord, for being afraid to speak in Your name.

Raise us up leaders, Lord, who will stand in the gap. Give us, Lord, God-fearing leadership that is not afraid to seek Your face and speak Your truth. Remind us that it is we, not our politicians, who are called to be salt and light of the earth. Remind us, Lord, that if we sow the godless, we will reap godlessness.

Give us the strength to face the adversity. Give us the strength to do what is right in the face of persecution and criticism. Give us the will to share Your wisdom with our nation. Inspire us to humbly pray for the restoration of this land so we might establish Your righteousness peacefully among men and nations.”
In Jesus’ Name…Amen

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